Andrew J. Baker
Andrew is a vastly experienced Head who led Westcliff High School for Boys, a Selective Grammar School, for over 22 years from 1990.

Under his leadership, the School became Grant Maintained Status in September 1991 and one of the first to convert to Academy Status further to the General Election of May 2010. FIND OUT MORE…



Andrew’s knowledge of the world of education is second to none. His opinions and insights are always thought-provoking and sometimes controversial. His ideas never fail to encourage lively debate among delegates.
Tim Gartside, Head Master, Altrincham GS for Boys
Andrew has a deep and broader understanding of what makes a good school efficient and an efficient school great. Whether in the economics of timetabling and staffing or the mechanics of capital development, whether reforming working practices or restructuring provision, whether raising standards among pupils or staff, whether building a culture of responsibility and self-improvement, or cultivating a community in which individuals are taught to share common, higher goals for the good of society, Andrew has valuable and original insights to offer. From the nuts and bolts to the big picture, there is no better school leader to have on your side.
Charles Dormer, Headmaster of Immanuel College
Andrew is highly skilled at getting to the heart of the matter quickly and sensitively, whether it be educational, managerial, cultural or financial. Andrew’s abilities to monitor, evaluate and give clear unambiguous messages have been of considerable benefit to the quality of services we provide and to many schools.
Jane Theadom, Head of Learning, Southend Authority
Excellent: the advice was fantastic and has really motivated me.
Course delegate
Well prepared, up-to-date, relevant and informative.
Course delegate