Promoting Quality in Teaching and Learning

Building whole school approaches to Teaching and Learning

  • Why schools need common understandings on good teaching and learning
  • Why data matters and which data needs interrogation in driving schools forward
  • Why literacy is of critical importance in pupils’ intellectual development
  • How rigorous assessment can help sustain and drive pupils’ progress
  • How teachers might best differentiate in lessons to address the full ability spectrum
  • How the questioning of pupils can be something genuinely challenging and developmental
  • OFSTED’s understandings and expectations on teaching and learning: no single orthodoxy

What makes for effective Teaching and Learning?

  • What is a school, what is a teacher and what is teaching?
  • The importance of cultural transmission as an educational objective
  • The significance of reading, comprehension, language, vocabulary and knowledge acquisition
  • The primacy of knowledge within the knowledge/skills debate
  • Teacher instruction, knowledge, memory and the development of thinking
  • Considering research on the evaluation of the impact of different teaching methods
  • Defining the essentials of successful teaching which go across subject boundaries.

Building Strength in Middle Leadership

  • Where are we now and where do we want to be?
  • What has OFSTED found about departmental and middle leadership in schools?
  • What are the essential ingredients of successful middle leadership?
  • How can middle leaders promote good practice in teaching, learning and assessment?
  • What role ought data analysis to play in the work of a Head of Department?
  • How can the progress of the more gifted pupils be accelerated?
  • How can Middle Leaders evidence both management and leadership in their work?

Excellence in Pupils’ Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development

  • What do we understand about each of these aspects of school life?
  • What do we understand by moral education in a pluralist society?
  • How can schools promote pupils’ spiritual & cultural development?
  • What are the potential obstacles to successful provision in SMSC?
  • What does OFSTED say on how well schools reflect these elements?
  • Are the dispositions we seek to inculcate taught or caught?
  • How can schools’ procedures and expectations further SMSC?

Building a School’s Ethos and Corporate Identity

  • What is School ethos and why is it central to school development?
  • Why schools are in a uniquely strong position in building ethos
  • What aspects contribute to a School’s ethos and corporate life?
  • How can ethos be developed, marketed and perpetuated?
  • How can ethos be reflected in whole school provision?
  • How can Assemblies become critical to the dissemination of values?

Andrew will be pleased to speak to Heads or school leaders to discuss particular circumstances and to advise on what might be the most suitable form of support. Initial consultations are without charge.