Senior Appointments; Performance Management; Wider Services

Advising on and managing Headship Appointments

  • Reviewing a school’s current position and the candidate profile sought.
  • Preparing the advertisement and the promotional materials
  • Advising on applications received, shortlisting and taking references
  • Preparing a structure of activities and questions for the interview day(s)
  • Advising the panel on how best to proceed after the selection process
  • Mentoring newly appointed or established Heads

Performance Management to meet Changing Circumstances

  • What Performance Management expectations are placed on schools?
  • How can schools build systems to enhance teacher performance?
  • How can target setting be used to focus on individual circumstances?
  • How can Performance Management be linked to remuneration?
  • Can Performance Management be genuinely motivational rather than divisive?

Mentoring of Heads and Senior Staff

  • Advice to newly appointed or new in post Heads covering:
  • Building management structures and ensuring commitment and accountability
  • ‘Reading’ a School and its data and establishing immediate and longer term priorities
  • The importance of communication: with whom; why; when; how.
  • How to make meetings effective and motivational of others
  • Keeping abreast of and interpreting a rapidly changing national agenda
  • Relationships between Heads, Governors and other stakeholders.

Relationships between Heads and Governors and other potential conflicts

  • Exploring the different and yet complementary roles: defining spheres of authority
  • Communication between Heads and Governors: judging the information flow
  • Making Governors’ Meetings and Committee Meetings effective
  • Advising in circumstances of conflict or difficulty between Heads and Governors
  • Advising Heads on personnel and performance issues
  • Enquiring into and making recommendations on any form of internal school conflict
  • Managing ‘difficult’ staff; finding ways forward when these are difficult to identify

Considering and Preparing for Academy Status

  • What is the thinking and rationale behind Academy Status?
  • What is the educational and managerial case for Academy Status?
  • How do Academies operate: the role of Trusts and Governing Bodies
  • How to convert to Academy Status; what are the financial systems?
  • Academies and admissions, exclusions and reporting.
  • Potential lines of development in extending Academies’ influence.
  • Free Schools and wider implications of the Academies’ movement?

Budgetary Planning at a time of Austerity

  • Analysis of budgetary trends over three years and future projections
  • How are resources currently used in our school and in similar schools?
  • Is our model for curriculum delivery financially cost-effective?
  • How far does key stage expenditure match key stage income?
  • How does school staffing stand in relation to pupil numbers?
  • Are comparative studies helpful to us in our own budgetary planning?
  • What adjustments might better secure the school’s future financial position?

Andrew will be pleased to speak to Heads or school leaders to discuss particular circumstances and to advise on what might be the most suitable form of support. Initial consultations are without charge.